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People often tend to make certain mistakes while losing fat.

The most common mistake one makes is that they focus on their calorie deficit diet or they just focus on workout; there should be a proper balance between the two of these. 

Here are some of the common mistakes one make during fat loss:


Cortisol plays an important role in determining fat loss in our body.

The two main functions of cortisol are:

  1. Mobilizing stored energy when you need it.
  2. Increasing blood sugar levels when they are too low.

If you are having an excessive calorie deficit diet it will result in increasing your cortisol level and ultimately leads to fat gain and muscle loss in your body.

If you are desperate with calorie deficient foods then your body will adapt that food habits and eventually your fat loss will slow down or can even stop at a certain point.

When you eat less your body craves more and you end up eating unhealthy foods like chocolates, icecream and you snack upon on junk food and not meeting your body’s demands can help you develop symptoms of depression.


People often think that excessive workout from the start will help in increasing the fat loss in the body. They should infact go slowly towards their excessive workout and get proper rest periods.

People who do excessive workout or high intensity workout for an extended period of time will experience an increase in cortisol levels.

Training factors that increase cortisol levels in the body:

  1. Volume
  2. Intensiveness
  3. Psychological stress
  4. Neurological stress
  5. Density


Diet plays a major role in determining how much fat we lose and how much muscle we gain in a particular period of time. A proper diet will always consist of an adequate amount of carbs, fats and proteins. If we consume a diet very low in carbs or very low in fat or both it will lead to metabolic adaptation.

What would you if your fat loss stalls?

You wouldn’t have any more carbs to cut from your diet to speed up the fat loss process.

Therefore, you need a decent amount of carbs and fats in your diet to give your body energy for everyday tasks and workout.

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