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10 easy weight loss hacks

Weight loss is a difficult journey, these hacks will help you make it easier and maybe more fun.

  1. Never dine at your desk– Never eat food in front of your TV or laptop or on your work desk. This will distract your attention from food making you eat more. Always eat in a place where distractions are less and you can focus on what you eat.

  2. Drink 2 glasses of water before your meal– Before every meal, try to drink 2 glasses of water. This will make you eat less and also keep you well hydrated and lead to better weight loss results.

  3. Eat before you shop– Always eat something before you leave home for a movie or shopping. Feeling hungry during a movie or shopping will lead you to depend on outside food and most probably junk food. If you are going out for a longer period of time, pack a sandwich or a healthy snack to eat on the go.

  4. Eat in a small plate – It is more of a psychological technique. Eating in a smaller plate or bowl will make you feel full earlier cause your plate will be full and your brain will process that information in a different way.

  5. Clean out your fridge– Take the unhealthy items out of your fridge and throw it away. Any kind of chocolates, sweets, soft drinks etc can be consumed during your snacking time. Fill your fridge with healthy snacks that will prevent unhealthy snacking during the day or night.

  6. Wear tight clothes while eating – This may seem stupid but wearing tighter clothes while eating will make you feel more uncomfortable or maybe ashamed if you are not happy with how you look.

  7. NEVER eat in kitchen– Try not to eat your food in the kitchen this will lead to unnecessary eating.

  8. Prepare your diet before you eat – Prepare your food before your every meal and if possible prepare it in the morning. Once you are prepared for the whole day, it is less likely that you will have to depend on something from outside.

  9. Click a photo of every meal you have on Instagram – This may not seem very good but in order to show off how healthy you eat, put up stories showing people what you are having.

Follow these hacks to increase weight loss process.

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