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When it comes to fitness and women then we come across many myths. One must know the truth as it can hinder weight loss/muscle gain or to stay healthy. Check out the following 4 myths and the truth behind it.

  1. LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL MAKE YOU BULKY: Let’s talk about the ancestors especially women who used to carry water buckets from well to home which weighs around 15-20 kgs. They were strong enough to carry any amount of weight. In today’s world gym is the only place to burn calories and build muscles. One cannot compete with those old-time women who used to walk several kms with heavy weight on their head. We have become sensitive enough.

Moreover, women do not have enough testosterone to get bulkiness in their body like males. Men have 15-20 times more testosterone than women and still, it took them years to get that dream body.

If you are lifting weights from regularly for 3-6 months and still feeling bulkiness then it’s not muscle, its fat. It directly indicates that your diet is not good enough and that the only reason you not losing the fat.

If you love to lift weights as I do then don’t worry because ultimately we all know our limits and so do our body.

  1. SPOT REDUCTION WORKS: We all search for exercises for face fat or stomach fat whereas we all know that just doing particular body part exercise will not be effective enough. We need to lose overall fat to get a particular body part in shape. So next time if you want to lose stomach fat then better focus on reducing overall body fat rather than just focusing on the stomach. To get an example to watch the following video: 5 Steps to Lose Stomach Fat

  2. IF I AM WORKING OUT, THEN I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT: This is the most common mistake many people do while losing weight or to maintain weight. They feel that if they work out every day then they can cheat on their diet every day. We first need to understand that our body is 80% diet and 20 % workout. Workout plays a very important role but we cannot ignore that 80 % importance of diet in our health.

If you want to lose weight or stay healthy then one needs to keep a check on the diet as someone said it right that “BODY IS MADE IN KITCHEN, NOT IN GYM”. Moreover it’s very easy to put extra calories in your body and equally tough to burn it.

  1. MY WORKOUT PROGRAMM IS NOT RIGHT AS I AM NOT LOSING WEIGHT: This is the biggest mistake people do while checking their progress in the body. Weight is not the only parameter to check your progress. Sometimes weighing machine is just not telling the true picture of your program. As the weighing machine cannot weigh muscles and fat separately. Yes, due to the increase in muscle mass (due to workout) weighing machine won’t show much difference in weight.  The following can be helpful in checking the progress in your body:

  2. Clothes: Try old clothes which were tight for you, will help you in knowing the progress in your body.

  3. Picture: Clicking the picture every week will help you in tracking the fat loss progress in your body. It’s also easy to compare your body and notice the progress through photos.

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