• Mukti Gautam

6 Foods for weight loss in winters

Everybody is getting ready for winters as they take out there jackets and cozy blankets. This transition also happens in the kitchen as all the green veggies come around.

Winters are often considered a season which leads to weight gain. But not anymore!!

This winter you will be able to eat full and still lose weight under those fluffy jackets. Just focus on some of these winter foods that will not only help in weight loss but also make you stronger.

Let’s discuss these foods below along with their benefits –

1. Carrot – Carrot is one of the most consumed foods in winters. This food is rich in fiber and can contribute to weight loss. You can eat it raw or prepare a recipe.

Carrot is also good for your eyes. It helps improve your eyesight and can make your skin glow.

2. Methi(FenuGreek) – Fenugreek has a lot of health benefits that people don’t even know about. The list goes on and on.

Fenugreek is rich in calcium, zinc and amino acids. It helps boosts metabolism. Also, it regulates your blood sugar level, therefore can also be consumed by people with diabetes.

Fenugreek can be consumed in several ways. You can add it to Kadi, Saag.

Fenugreek Tea is also a very good detox drink. To know more about this tea visit My YOUTUBE.

3. Spinach – We all have grown up watching Popeye the sailor man. Spinach helped him everytime he needed strength. Well, spinach is not some kind of magic food but it certainly contains some ingredients that will certainly make you stronger in a long time.

Spinach is rich in protein. It has several vitamins such as Vit. A, K and C.

Spinach contains a good amount of iron thus helps to make your bones stronger.

Spinach can be prepared in several ways. Eat it raw in a salad or prepare spinach soup.

4. Raddish – One of the most vital foods to consume in winters is the Reddish.

It is good for skin, dandruff and most particularly, weight loss. Try to have one Reddish before your meal to eat less food. This will help you increase weight loss.

5. Mustard green – Mustard green is one of the most fibrous green veggies there are. It is high in fiber and low in calories. Mustard green contains a loads fo mineral and vitamins. This will definitely help you with weight loss during winters.

6. Beetroot-Beetroot is also known as the powerhouse of nutrition. It is filled with magnesium.

If you are aiming for weight loss or muscle building. Beetroot is the food for you.

Magnesium in this food helps increase testosterone and therefore also helps in fat loss and muscle building.

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