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NOT LOSING WEIGHT IN HYPOTHYROID? If you are suffering from hypothyroid then must have experienced weight gain. The reason behind weight gain is slow metabolism and therefore body burns less calories and you tend to gain weight fast.

Following are the other side effects of hypothyroidism:

  1. Weight gain

  2. Constipation

  3. Hair loss

  4. Dry skin

  5. Fatigue

  6. Change in Menstrual cycle

Before discussing 7 foods you need to understand that diet play very important role in losing weight. 80% of your body is what you eat and only 20 % of your body is what you exercise or workout. If you are not losing weight then this is right time to keep check on your diet. But should also know that what kind of food you should avoid to lose weight (LINK) and also to reduce the thyroid symptoms.


  1. IODINE: Iodine is most important mineral required to make thyroid hormones. Therefore iodine deficiency among people are at higher risk at developing hypothyroidism. Following will help to overcome the deficiency:

  2. Iodized table salt

  3. Fish

  4. Dairy

  5. Sea weeds

  6. Eggs

  7. CEREALS: Include whole grain in your diet and totally avoid refined flour in your diet. One can have Oats, Dalia, Bajra, Jowar (Sorghum) , Whole wheat chapati.These cereals will induce the feeling of satiety, which further helps in weight loss as they are a great source of fiber and protein.

  8. FRUITS AND VEGETABLE: Fruits and vegetable help in losing weight BUT if you suffering from hypothyroidism then you need to care about the vegetables to avoid. There are many varieties of fruits and vegetable that you must avoid for better health. So better eat food rich in antioxidants like Salads , vegetable soup, grilled vegetable etc. (limit the intake of cruciferous vegetables ).

  9. DALS PULSES : Fibre rich Dals and pulses help in weight loss , relieve constipation. They are rich source of fibre, nutrients, antioxidants and are low in fat. Diet full of high protein and fibre helps in regulating thyroid hormones and its symptoms.

  10. MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS: Milk and milk products are great source of calcium, protein and iodine. Calcium and protein rich foods are good for the functioning of thyroid glands. Calcium maintains the muscle activity whereas protein helps in transport thyroid hormones throughout the body.

  11. NUTS AND OIL SEEDS: Walnuts , Brazil nuts, hazelnuts are great source of selenium which help in proper functioning of thyroid. Don not over eat it because everything in excess is harmful. Eating nuts in moderation have following health benefits:

  12. Keeps you full for long

  13. Reduce craving

  14. Rich in fibre

  15. Rich in protein

  16. Weight loss

  17. Blood sugar control

  18. Healthy Heart

  19. FISH: Fish is great source of nutrient selenium that is most concentrated in the thyroid. Hypothyroidism can increase the risk of higher the levels of LDL (Low density lipoprotein), the bad cholesterol. The Omega 3s present in fish has following health benefits :

  20. Increase levels of HDL (good cholesterol)

  21. Weight loss (help in reducing waist circumference)

  22. Healthy eyes

  23. Treat ,mental disorder

  24. Reduce liver fat

  25. Improve bone strength

Watch the Video to Know more – Weight loss in hypothyroid

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