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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

One going on strict diet often feels hungry at times; this hunger is the enemy of your diet. Hunger leads to the consumption of unwanted food at wrong times. The calories are often increased during these times and this snacking disturbs your fit body and also affects your diet. During these times try eating foods that are low in calorie and high in fibre and do not succumb a cookie jar at once and try not to eat any junk which can result in calorie surplus.

Below are some of the foods that can help you feel full for a long period of time and can help you cut down the hunger demon:


  1. Helps in strengthening bones.

  2. It contains quercetin and saponins which can protect heart.

  3. Lowers blood pressure.

  4. Manages diabetes.

  5. Wards off heart diseases.

  6. Prevents cancer.

  7. Aids weight loss.

  8. High in fibre .


  1. It is more healthier and fibrous than white bread.

  2. It provides the feeling of fullness for a longer time.

  3. Multi-grain bread is a great source of good carbohydrates.

  4. Contains more nutritional value than white bread.


  1. Helps in lowering blood pressure.

  2. Good source of healthy fats.

  3. Aids weight loss.

  4. Improves memory.

  5. Abundant source of vitamins and minerals.

  6. Promotes healthy skin.

  7. It slows down the pace of digestion which results in the fullness.


  1. They are high in healthy monosaturated fats, fibre, protein and various other important nutrients.

  2. Almonds are high in anti-oxidants and protects from oxidative damage.

  3. Assists blood sugar control.

  4. It is a great source to suppress hunger and it is a low calorie snack.


  1. Spinach helps in suppressing your hunger.

  2. It helps in strengthening your bones.

  3. Aids eyesight and immune system.

  4. Helps in repelling viruses and bacteria.

  5. Promotes heart health.

  6. Keeps the body energized.


  1. It is high protein appetite buster.

  2. It helps to give a fuller feeling to the body.

  3. It is rich in protein and benefits our health.

  4. Helps in maintaining weight.


  1. It is a healthy snack choice and helps in suppressing hunger.

  2. It is a great source of protein and benefits our body.

  3. It is good for heart health.

  4. Helps in boosting weight loss.

  5. Improves digestion.

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