• Mukti Gautam

Benefits of Sukhasana

As we are adapting to western culture. We are slowly missing out on our own culture and its impact on our lifestyle. Many things in our culture are considered as old fashioned or fads but that is really not the truth.

Indian culture has many scientific explanations. It can be the way we prepared food or the way we used to freshen up in the morning.

One of our lost traditions is the way we used to sit while consuming or eating our foods.

The pose is widely known as Sukhasana. We have started using tables and chairs in order to copy the western culture but have nearly forgotten how to sit on the ground and eating in sukhasana can be of great advantage for all of us.

Following are the benefits of sitting and eating in our traditional Sukhasana Pose-

  1. Improves Flexibility – Sukhasana is a great way to increase the strength and flexibility in our body. Lower body parts like knees, hips, spine, ankles are stretched and get flexible.

It will help the stiff muscles in your body to stretch and relax. This has many added benefits and would lead to the prevention of many health problems in old age.

  1. 2. Improves Digestion – Sukhasana is a crossed leg pose and a yoga position. This position will help you to improve your digestion.

It is ususally because of the back and forth movement we do while eating in sukhasana that helps with our digestion.

  1. 3. Keeps knees and hip joint healthy – This asana helps you strengthen your knees and hips. As you stretch your pelvis. legs and hips. Your core strengthens and helps in proper lubrication of the joints.

  2. 4. Improved circulation – This asana helps in improved circulation in your whole body which in turn gives you better functioning and also helps in better digestion.

  3. 5. Weight loss – Weight gain is usually due to overeating. When you sit in Sukhasana, we tend to eat less as our vagus nerve works properly. This nerve sends a signal to the brain that we have eaten enough and we are full. Therefore, when we sit on a chair we tend to eat more as vagus nerve is not working properly.

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