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Common Dieting mistakes during Navratras

We all want to be fit and it definitely makes us happier. We get a lot of chances in our culture to detox our body and be healthy.

But this has changed over time. Festive seasons like Navratras gives us a chance to eat healthy for 9 days and all we do is eat fried and unhealthy fast foods.

Here are mistakes we usually do during navratras. This way, you can prevent them and be healthier.


Skipping your First meal – Skipping your firs meal in the morning has a very bad effect on our body.

  1. Slows down metabolism

  2. Lowers energy levels for whole day

  3. Increases cravings

So, try not to skip your breakfast and you will perform better all day. To know what to eat in breakfast, Read my article on Diet during Navratras.


Only eating One type of foods – We need to consume a balanced diet in order to be fit. Due to limited food options available during navratras, we tend to depend on a single food source.

Try to include every type of food in your diet so that you consume enough protien, carbohydrtaes and fats during the day.


Snacking on Fast food – All the things we eat during Navratras are tend to be healthy. Only mistake we commit is we fry that food and try to make it tastier.

Avoid fried foods and find new ways to make your food tasty and healthy.


Unhealthy liquid diets – Do not rely on liquid drinks such as soft drinks or packed juices. These contain a lot of sugar leads to weight gain.

Try to drink

  1. Green tea

  2. lemon water

  3. Coconut water

  4. Ice tea


Relying on market products – Market products are not always healthy. These contains a high amount of sugar and are usually fried to make them crispy and tasty. Try to make your own food at home and you can look for good recipes online that are both healthy and tasty.

Try to buy raw things from market and make your own food at home.

If you donot make these 5 mistakes while fasting during navratras, you will definitely be more fit and healthier than before.

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