• Mukti Gautam

Food for mood

We usually think food effects our body. What we dont consider is food is not only a factor for our physical health but also for our mental health as well.

Food is a major factor on how you feel, act and respond.

If you are taking a healthy diet with all the nutrients and vitamins, you are less prone to mentals problems like depression and anxiety.

You will be amazed to know that often defficiency of certain vitamins and minerals can effect our health so much that me might have depressin, anxiety or many other health problems.

We might not see the consequences directly but our diet sowly alters our mantal health as well.

A study Published in American journal of public health in 2016 stated that when people were given healthy foods to eat, they were actually happier and more satisfied with thier life.

Well, I have isted below 4 tips that will definitely help you improve your mental health.

Tip 1. Eat Mediterranean Diet – Mediterranean diet is rich in whole grains and is an excellent source of vitamin B. These are following benefits of Vitamin B

  1. Vitamin B1 – Keeps your energy levels High

  2. Vitamin B5 – Helps in learning and sharpens memory

  3. Vitamin B6 – Converts amino acid tryptophan to Serotonin

  4. Vitamin B12 – Production of nuerotransmitters

Foods that contain these are-

  1. Quinoa

  2. Brown rice

  3. Millet

  4. Oats

  5. Amaranth

Tip 2 – Eat Green leafy Vegetables – A study in Pscychiatric Research 2017 has mentioned that people dealing with depression susually have deficiency of Folate.

Therefore, lower folate levels in blood can lead to depression.

Folate helps in function of serotonin , dopamine and nonadrelanine. These not functioning propery can lead to bad mood and many other mental health issues,

Foods that conatin folate are –

  1. Spinach

  2. brocolli

  3. Avacado

  4. Turnip greens

  5. Beans

Tip 3 – Eat foods rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Deficiency of Omega 3 can lead to various health and menatal problems. Mental problems include suicidal thoughts or depression.

You can consume fish oil as a supplememnt or eat fish in your diet.

More foods that contain omega 3 are –

  1. Flaxseed oil

  2. Fish oil

Tip 4 – Try to get Sunlight – Vitamin D is only made in your body if you get enough sunligh everyday. Vitamin D is very important for mental health as it helps to increase Serotonin and directly improves our mood. So, try to sit directly under sunlight for atleast one hour.

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