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How to eat Healthy during Navratra

Navratras come twice a year. It can be a great way to detox your body and get away from stuff that is making you fat. But, the reality is different. People fasting during navratras start relying on foods that are fried and make them fat.

Read this article to make sure you eat healthy during navratras and donot fall into the traps of companies selling you unhealthy products in the name of fasting foods.

Here are some tips to follow during your fasting that can help you maintain weight during your fasting days.

TIP 1 – Eat small meals – Donot keep yourself hungry for long. During fasting most people eat lots of foods at once and dont eat for 5-6 hours.

Try to divide your every meal into 2-3 smaller meals so that you do not crave for fast foods. Also, it will help you to maintain your glucose levels in the blood.

TIP 2- HYDRATE YOURSELF – Keep a bottle of your favorite drink with you all the time. It can be Normal water, coconut water, lemon water or some other drink.

Keeping yourself hydrated will prevent cravings help you in this hot summer weather.

TIP 3 – CONSUME A HIGH CARB, HIGH FIBRE DIET – As you donot eat grains and wheat during navratres, it is important to consume food high in carbs and fibre.

Foods high in card are – Potato and Sabudana.

Both of them can be made with veggies high in fiber such as Spinach or cabbage, (Do not fry anything)

TIP 4- Amaranth – It can be a great source of protein and fiber. It can be made into Dalia with veggies and many other dishes can be found online.

You can buy Amaranth Online on Amazon or many other websites.

TIP 5 – Kuttu ka Atta – A source rich in both Carbs and protein can be consumed during your fasting and is a very healthy and tasty option.

Many recipes can be found online to make things from kuttu ka Atta. Donot eat fried products made from kuttu.

Every festival can be made better and healthier with few lifestyle changes. If you chose to eat healthy and cook at home, you can live healthier and longer.

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