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How to fix diet plateau

When losing weight or fat, everyone comes through a stage where they hit a plateau. This is when you stop losing any fat or weight even after putting in significant efforts in terms of workout and nutrition.

Everyone loses weight fast when they start eating right or start dieting. First few kilos are very easy to lose. But after a while, the weight loss stops. Most people lose hope at this time and start to feel disappointed and stop working out.

Well, below are some points that can help you with your weight loss plateau.


Fad diets will help you lose your first few kgs very quickly. Most people get into the trap of fad diets as they want to lose their weight quickly in a month or two. Fad duets like Keto and all will make you lose a few pounds but what we forget in all that weight loss process is that we also need to be healthy.

These diets are very low in micronutrients and can lead to many deficiencies over time. These deficiencies can also lead to some long term health problem.

So, rather than following fad diets, try to lose your weight in a healthy way with all the micronutrients.

Also, these diets lower your metabolism and can lead to even more weight gain when you resume your previous diet. Slow metabolism is will affect your fat burning very harshly.


One of the only methods to increase your metabolism is to eat more. The more you eat, the higher the metabolism you have. And good metabolism will help you lose more fat and weight.

Also, while going through a rough workout program, if you do not eat good food, your hair loss will start. Skin quality will start to deteriorate and also you will age rapidly.

So, do not forget your nutrition and eat goo healthy foods if you wanna live a healthy life.

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