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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Summer is all about getting a great and a fit body so that we can hit the beach anytime and be confident. Summer body may seem all good and attractive but it requires an immense amount of patience and dedication at the same time.

A summer body doesn’t mean to be slim it could be of any size but it should be healthy and fit as it makes your body look attractive shirtless or with shirt. Summertime is the best time to get a fit body as there are many resources available like there are many nutritious fruits and vegetables which help you stay fit and look fit.

Here are some tips you could follow for a perfect summer body:


  1. Sound sleep is really essential for gaining muscle and for a lean body.

  2. To have a sound sleep one should sleep stress free so that our subconscious mind is in a good condition and it does not affect our sleep.

  3. Before sleeping try reading those topics which help you calm your brain and can help you stay motivated for the next day.

  4. Avoid using phones before sleep as they simply distract your brain and tempts you to use for a longer time and results in wasting your sleep time.


  1. Drink plenty amount of water and try drinking frequently so that your body don’t need to ask for it.

  2. Drinking lots of water makes you feel less fatigued and helps you improving your focus and acts as a mood enhancer.

  3. Drink atleast 2-3litres of water everyday to keep your gut healthy and helps in flushing the toxins out of your body.

Avoid drinking arrearated drinks, shakes

If you’re still craving than have:

  1. Diet sodas

  2. Lemon water (without sugar)

  3. Coconut water

  4. Try carrying your water bottle


  1. There are a wide range of seasonal fruits available which not only help you stay hydrated also helps to stay healthy.

Below are some fruits and their health benefits:

MANGOES (the king of fruits):

  1. Mangoes are rich in Vit A, Vit C, Vit D.

  2. It contains iron, potassium and calcium

  3. It also contains certain properties which help in strengthening one’s immunity.


  1. Watermelon is the most hydrating fruit of summer as it contain 92% water.

  2. It consists Vit A, Vit B6 and Vit C

  3. There are amino acids, calcium, dietary fibres, iron etc.

  4. It improves bone health and cardiovascular health.


  1. It’s a perfect summer fruit and keeps you hydrated.

  2. It contains Vit C and Vit D.

  3. It has anti-oxidant properties and it also enhances immunity.


  1. Workout plays a major role for summer body.

  2. Workout should be done with dedication like you should manage your workout time and the exercises you do.

  3. Increase your reps steadily.

  4. Don’t skip your workouts as it will affect your body.

Workout and diet goes hand in hand to maintain a healthy and a fit body.



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