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How to lose 5Kg in 2 weeks

Are you attending a marriage in a few weeks? Are you going on a date in a week or two? Don’t think too much. You can easily lose weight in a week or two with the right weight reduction technique.

Here are 8 tips to lose at least 5kg of bodyweight in 2 weeks-:

Tip 1 – Apple Cider Vinegar – Drink Apple cider first thing in the morning. Two spoons of apple cider in a 1/2 ltr bottle are enough. Apple cider helps you with the following things

  1. It burns fat more easily and effectively.

  2. Helps to suppress appetite.

  3. Increase metabolism.

Tip 2 – Reduce carb intake – Reduce your carbohydrate intake. Try to minimize rice intake and other things that contain a high level of carbohydrates. Replace chapati and rice with dalia with lots of vegetables and curd.

Tip 3 – Psyllium Husk – Just before your dinner, take at least 2 spoonfuls of Psyllium Husk. It will help in the following ways –

  1. You will eat less.

  2. It is high in fiber. You will be able to clean your stomach very easily.

Tip 4 – 30 MIN. workout –  Do at least 3o minute of workout daily. Try to include more cardio than weight training. If you want simple and easy workout at home. Watch my video on Youtube.

Try to run or walk at least 30 minutes daily. Do stretching exercise before each workout.

Tip 5 – Coffee – Drink coffee before your workout. Coffee has several benefits. Read my blog to know more about coffee.

Tip 6 – Healthy Breakfast –  Try to eat your healthiest meal in the morning. Try to consume eggs in any form(omelet or boiled). If you can, make a smoothie. A smoothie will keep you full for a longer time and you can also add many ingredients in a smoothie.

Have breakfast full of fiber and protein and you will not crave anymore during the day and will also feel full and energetic.

Tip 7 – Drink water – Everyone knows about the benefits of drinking sufficient amount of water. But now you need to lose weight fast. Drink at least 2 glass of water before every meal. This will stop you from eating extra food. Don’t drink water anytime else. Just drink 500 ml before a meal. You will be surprised by the results by following this method.

Tip 8 – Green Tea – Drink green tea before going to bed. If you don’t know what are the benefits of green tea. Read the article.

Green tea will help you lose weight fast and will increase your metabolism by 30 percent.

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