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6 TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT IN PCOD/PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Do people suffering from PCOD require more of hard work to see noticeable changes in their body? Can one really lose their weight if suffering from PCOS? If answer is yes then How??

Before talking about weight lose one need to know the reasons and symptoms of PCOD. Due to unhealthy lifestyle insulin resistance increases in body which increases the hormonal imbalance and ultimately lead to PCOS. Higher will be the insulin resistance, higher will be the weight gain. Diet and workout are very important factors which control insulin resistance in our body. Also because of hormonal misbalance in body causes them to skip menstrual periods. PCOD have following symptoms

  1. Acne,

  2. Obesity,

  3. Hair growth

  4. Male-pattern baldness

  5. Depression

  6. Infertility

  7. Weight gain etc.

Ones ultimate aim should not be just weight loss but to stay fit and healthy. Changing lifestyle will bring a huge change in body and will also reduce PCOS symptoms to great extent. One just need to take out half an hour from busy schedule to stay fit and stay away from diseases. Unfortunately many of us spend our whole life in guilt but never do efforts for better functioning of our body.

You still got time to improve your healthy just by improving your habits and good practices and following are 6 points one should always keep in mind before losing weight.

  1. Choose lower insulin diet:

Following points will help to maintain Lower insulin diet :

  1. Less carbohydrates in diet

  2. Avoid sugar in diet

  3. Avoid Refined carbohydrates

  4. Increasing fibre intake

  5. Fasting once a week

  6. No Junk Food

Junk food can be poison for people suffering from PCOD as it is high in calories, high in sugar , contain bad quality oil etc. Yes! One can enjoy junk food once a week without exceeding the calories limit.

One thing that you should avoid completely in your diet is sugary drinks. WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPEN WHEN YOU CONSUME JUNK FOOD IN YOUR DIET? Adding extra sugar in your diet will increase insulin resistance and ultimately contribute in weight gain. Also adding junk food in your diet will encourage binge eating and one will be tend to eat more and therefore one will not be able to control their diet.

  1. Exercise regularly

You must have tried all type of workout and exercises but still not getting results?  It’s quite normal for people suffering from PCOD. You may not get results fast but one cannot deny the benefits one gets from a regular workout. Exercise will not only help to balance hormones in body but will reduce symptoms of PCOD too. At least workout three to four times a week for improvement in health and also to lose weight.

  1. Measure your portion

Your diet need to be in right proportion if losing weight during PCOD. You need to choose foods carefully before including it in your diet. Your diet should include maximum proportion of vegetables and then protein (Daal, fish, meat, beans) and least proportion is given to grains/starch.

  1. Drink enough water

Include at least 2 litres of water per day. Not only it increases the metabolism but also it helps to burn 96 calories just by drinking 2 litres of water per day.

  1. Stay busy and active

We never pay attention to it but this is what will change your life forever. For many people dieting exists just for few days or month and that’s what makes their lifestyle. We really need to understand that dieting is not about “EATING LESS” it’s about “EATING RIGHT”. Eating right food and staying active is very important to live healthy life. People who stay active tend to burn more calories.

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