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How to stay motivated

Nowadays, everyone has access to everything they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle. After having all these facilities and solutions to problems, one thing people lack is Motivation.

One of the main driving force while doing anything in life is motivation. Nowadays people are often not motivated enough to get out of bed and get on with the day. well, there is a solution to that also. Here are some tips that will help you stay motivated and maybe you put on your shoes and go for a run after reading this article.

  1. Make a Schedule – Decide! Always work with a schedule in your mind. Know what you have to do before your week starts. Schedule your workouts. Make time whenever you can for an activity.  A schedule will always help you to make time for your workouts. You will be able to schedule your diets and will automatically start eating better. Planning ahead makes everything much easier.

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  1. Track your progress- Track your progress every week/month. This will help you to make amends in your schedule and will keep your motivation on point. Make a diary to track the progress of your work and workouts.

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  1. Watch motivational videos – I personally find motivating videos very useful. Follow people on Instagram that you want to look like. Watch motivating videos on youtube before your workout. This may give you a boost and increase your motivation.

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  1. Shop for gym clothes and equipment – Wear good clothes while going for a run or to the gym. Buy clothes so that you feel good wearing them. Torn or lousy clothing will make you lazier and less motivated. Go outside and buy some new clothes. You will automatically get up the next to try out your new clothes in the gym.

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  1. Sleep – The more you sleep, the more motivated you will be to work out. Get at least 8 hours of sleep and get up fresh in the morning.

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