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Mistakes to avoid during Ramadan

Ramadan is a great way to get into shape every year. Everyone tries to lose weight during this month but this is often not possible for most people.

Most people tend to gain weight during this month. This is due to many mistakes we are not able to avoid.

So, below are the few mistakes you should avoid during Ramadan-

MISTAKE 1. Not drinking enough fluids – As one should not drink water during day time. Dehydration can lead to many problems. This can lead to indigestion or constipation.

So, completing your fluid intake before starting your fast is important.

Try to include healthy drinks like watermelon slush or barley drink during sehri and iftar.

Avoid sugary drinks and avoid caffeine intake.

MISTAKE 2. Open Fast with Greasy food – One should totally avoid greasy food while opening their fast. Most of us tend to eat Fried foods like samosa, pakoras or fried chicken to open fast.

This leads to

  1. indigestion

  2. bloating

  3. stomach cramps.

Also, This lead to intake of excess calories that will certainly lead to weight gain.

So, try to avoid such foods and try having healthy foods like

  1. Mutton biryani (mutton not fried)

  2. High fiber veggies or

  3. salad

  4. Dates to normalize Blood sugar level

  5. Fruits for sugar and energy

Mistake 3 – Not maintaining your calorie intake – Weight gain can be due to eating excess calories or eating very few calories.

  1. Not much calories – During this time, our bodies go into survival mode and start to accumulate fat. So, eating too fewer calories can also lead to weight gain.

  2. Too much calories – Too much calories will definitely lead to weight gain as you are consuming too much than your body requires.

So, try to maintain your calorie levels while fasting as it will lead to your weight loss.

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