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Negative effects of dieting

People usually think dieting is a term used when someone restrains themselves from eating food in order to lose weight. But this is not true.

Dieting is generally used when someone follows an eating pattern in order to lose/gain/ or maintain weight. Sometimes a diet is followed to gain muscle mass or to get the desired result.

Well, today we will talk about the dieting most of the population is doing especially to lose weight. This is usually done by restricting your food intake and eat very less throughout the day. This is the kind of dieting one should never do, as below we will discuss the negative effects of the following.

  1. Mood swings – This is one of the initial effects of crash dieting, if you are not eating enough or not eating what you need to keep your brain and body healthy, you will start having mood swings, depression or fatigue. These mood swings can affect your relationships or also lead to cravings. This will definitely lead to more weight gain as no one is able to restrain themselves for so long. When you eat a healthy diet, you will always be in a good mood and will not crave for unhealthy bad food.

  2. Slow metabolism – When you eat very less than needed calories, your body will go into saving mode and start to store everything as fat. This process takes place cause your metabolism slows down excessively and your Body will not be working at its best capacity. A slow metabolism will lead to fatigue, fat gain, muscle loss and can hinder into your daily activities.

  3. Nutritional Deficiency – This is a long term effect and cannot be reversed easily. A crash diet may result in many deficiencies like Vitamin D3, Calcium, Vitamin C and many more. These deficiencies can further lead to many other health problems like thyroid, fat gain. muscle loss, arthritis and many more.

Everybody needs to know what a diet actually is. If someone is following a diet, it should be a complete diet full of Protein, carbs and fats. Vitamins and minerals in your diet is also very important for your internal health.

Losing weight should not always be about looking slim, it should also be about getting fit and living a longer life.



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