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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Losing weight seems a tad bit difficult as compared in gaining weight. Losing weight can be fastened by having a proper diet and exercising regularly.

The addition of right ingredients in your diet aids weight loss as well as help you stay healthy and fit.

The consumption of certain seeds in your diet can help you in shredding some pounds organically and effectively.

The seeds that aid weight loss are:


  1. These seeds are loaded with anti-oxidants.

  2. The carbs in them are contained in the form of fibre.

  3. Low in calories thus aids weight loss.

  4. Chia seeds are high in quality protein.

  5. They contain an enormous amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.

  6. May lower the risk of heart diseases.

  7. Also reduces blood sugar levels.


  1. They are rich in dietary fibre.

  2. They are loaded with nutrients

  3. These seeds are high in Omega-3 fats.

  4. Flax seeds contain a rich source of Lignans, which may reduce cancer risk.

  5. These seeds may help in improving cholesterol.

  6. These seeds help you lose weight effectively.


  1. Great source of protein and curbs hunger.

  2. Increases metabolic rate.

  3. Aids weight loss as it avoids excessive calorie consumption.

  4. These seeds are fibre rich which aids weight loss and also helps n maintaining muscles.

  5. They are high in fibre and helps in keeping the digestive system healthy.


  1. These seeds are loaded with poly-unsaturated fats i.e. good fats.

  2. They are high in protein, fibre and essential minerals like Vitamin E, folate and copper.

  3. Promotes weight loss or fat loss.

  4. These are great healthy snacks.


  1. They contain a decent amount of micronutrients, iron, zinc, fibre and protein.

  2. These nutrients help in boosting immunity.

  3. These seeds help in lowering the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

  4. They are low in calorie thus aids weight loss.

  5. The nutrients in these seeds promote weight loss at a great speed.


  1. They are rich in fibre as compared to other seeds.

  2. These seeds are gluten-free and are healthy for people dealing with gluten intolerance.

  3. They contain all the essential amino acids.

  4. These seeds are rich in protein.

  5. Have low glycemic-index which is beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels.

  6. Boosts metabolic rate

  7. Aids weight loss.


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