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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

A person trying to lose weight naturally should switch to herbs as there are wide ranges of herbs that are easily available in your kitchen and can help you lose weight effectively.

Herbs may not only help you lose weight but also help you maintain your weight. Herbs not only aid weight loss but also serve other health benefits.

Below are some herbs which are easily available in every household:


  1. Cinnamon is used for medicinal purpose from thousands of years

  2. Cinnamon helps quicken your metabolism.

  3. It helps in regulating blood sugar in our body

  4. It also plays an important role in reducing blood sugar, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

  5. Cinnamon taken with water can help to suppress your appetite.

  6. Cinnamon with warm water helps to flush out the toxins from the body.


  1. Cardamom boosts metabolism.

  2. Helps the body to burn fat more effectively.

  3. Cardamom is well-known for reducing bloating and indigestion.

  4. It also helps in expelling extra water out of the body.

  5. With the help of cardamom you can get rid of the fat accumulated around the belly.


  1. Garlic contains some compounds which keeps your hunger at bay and boosts metabolism.

  2. It helps in melting the fat which is around your waistline.

  3. Garlic helps in improving your metabolism.

  4. It contains anti-cancer properties.

  5. Helps to lower cholesterol and improves heart health.


  1. Black pepper inhibits the creation of fat cells hence aiding weight loss.

  2. It also speeds up the fat burning process.

  3. Black pepper contains healthy fat and dietary fibre which aids weight loss.

  4. It contains many health benefits and metabolism is one of them.


  1. Ginger contains appetite-suppressant characteristics hence helps you eat less.

  2. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

  3. Ginger helps improve the gut health

  4. It helps in suppressing the side effects of being overweight.


  1. Cumin seeds help in keeping the gut healthy.

  2. Cumin burns the calories faster by increasing the metabolism.

  3. It can be used to remove bad cholesterols from the body.

  4. Eating cumin seeds helps in reducing inflammation in the body.

  5. Cumin seeds help in managing diabetes.


  1. Turmeric is responsible for melting fat.

  2. It helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels in the blood.

  3. Eating turmeric can protect you from diabetes and obesity.

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