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Tips for permanent weight loss

People often lose weight with help of diets and using supplements. These tricks are effective but as soon as people get off these diets, they start to gain weight again. This article will help you with weight loss that is permanent and consistent. Here are some tips to lose your weight permanently-

One of the most important factors in weight loss is your diet. You can exercise all you want but it won’t help you unless your diet is proper. You have to know how many calories you consume and how many you need for weight loss. Make it part of your lifestyle. Count you micros and macros properly.

There are lots of videos online that promise to make you lose weight in 10 days or 20 days. These are either fake or very unhealthy.

Tip 1. Don’t grocery shop for unhealthy foods – People usually go for grocery shopping and stuff their house with soft drinks, chips, and frozen foods. And whenever you get hungry you grab onto these chips and fast food. Therefore it is never a good idea to keep unhealthy food in your house.

Always try to buy healthy foods and experiment with them at home. Learn to cook something.

Tip 2. Substitute every junk food with something healthy– Try to avoid eating unhealthy food s on the street. Instead of a soft drink, try to have black coffee instead. Try to substitute a burger for a salad or a fruit shake.  A simple substitution can decrease your calorie intake as well as keep in check your micros and macros.

Tip 3. Always pre-plan your diet- Always know what you are going to eat during the day. Prepare at least three meals in the morning. This will prevent you to eat junk during the day. You can easily track your diet and workout and things will be much organized.

Tip 4. Never eat boring food– Eating the same food again and again will lead to more cravings and frustration. Try to eat different types of things. Experiment with flavors. There are lots of healthy and tasty food you can try. Learn to cook and try to make different dishes.

Tip 5. Eat in a small plate– Psychologically, we tend to eat more if we eat in a larger bowl or plate. Try to eat in smaller portions in a smaller bowl. This will keep in check your calories.

Tip 6. Change your attitude – Try to find reasons to workout at least once a day. Go for a walk whenever you can. Find a workout partner. Try to stay active on daily basis. Help other people with carrying weight or join a gym.

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