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Vegan diet can help you shed some pounds effectively. Vegan diet mostly contains the foods which are rich in fibre and low in calories and thus these foods tend to keep your hunger at bay.

A person on a vegan diet replaces all the animal products like meat, chicken, dairy products, poultry, fish, egg with protein and iron rich plants such as legumes, green leafy vegetables, lentils, tofu, coconut milk, almond milk etc.

Going vegan is not just beneficiary for humans but also beneficiary for animals and for our mother earth. As killing animals is also one of the main causes of global warming. There are also some people or some places where there is animal cruelty just for slaughtering them.

So going vegan cannot just help you lose weight but can also help you serve as a responsible human being for our mother earth.

People starting vegan diet should try to consume all variety of food groups as the main aim is to focus on nutrient dense foods.


  1. People usually focus in eating protein rich; this should not be done. There should a variety of foods in your diet that can help you lose weight effectively and positively.

  2. You should avoid eating vegan junk food. Any kind of junk food contains calories and the calories in junk food cannot help you lose weight infact it will make you feel bloated.

  3. While going vegan people should focus on their diet plan and try to eat foods on time. Women should focus on their greens as they are rich in iron and it is very beneficial for women.

  4. Being vegan does not mean that you are always in a healthy condition you may fall sick too. One should not always avoid these health conditions. The care of body should be taken properly and there is no harm in taking a medicine or two or visiting a doctor.

You should definitely have a regular healthy check-up.

  1. All people crave for sweet that does not mean you cannot eat cookies, muffins, ice creams etc. There are now a wide range of varieties available for vegan people. You could go and devour the vegan muffins, ice cream or cookies.

Going vegan is not as easy as it seems as a person cannot leave instantly their favourite foods especially chicken, mutton and other poultry products. But they can change slowly their eating habits and adapt the change of culture.

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