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Why are you not losing more weight

Most of the queries I receive from people is related to stagnation of weight loss. First few kgs are very easy to lose and everyone has done that but after some time, your weight loss hits a plateau.

This is mainly due to many reasons we do not know about. Below are the points to let you know why are you not losing weight.

Reason 1. Calorie intake – One of the most important factors in weight loss is the number of calories you consume. If you need 2000 calories every day and you eat 2200. You will gain weight. You need to go on a deficit of around 200-500 calories every day to lose a significant amount of weight.

One more mistake one does is remain in a calorie deficit for the whole week and eat a cheat meal at the end of the week and ruin all your calorie intake.

For eg. – If you go on a deficit of 200 calories every day. For 6 days, you go on a 1200 calorie deficit. On your cheat day, you decide to have pizza and a cold coffee and you consume 1200 calories more that day. You will not experience any loss in weight because your overall calories throughout the week are not in deficit.

Reason 2. Only one type of workout – I have seen many people doing the same kind of workout every day and also, they look the same all year. The main problem here is, once your body becomes used to one intensity of the workout, you will stop losing weight or fat. You have to increase your intensity every month. If you do so, you will lose more weight every month and will also increase your metabolism.

Reason 3. Starving yourself – This is the worst way one can think of losing weight. Not eating for a whole day will only help you lose a few kgs but after a while, you will start gaining even more weight. This is due to the fact that your body will start to accumulate fat from everything you eat.

So, stop starving yourself to lose weight and start eating healthy.

Reason4. Not consuming enough Protein – Protein is very important for many body functions. It also helps in building muscle. The more muscle you have, the easier it is to lose fat from the body. So, try to consume at least 0.8gm/kg of protein every day.

It will help you lose fat easily and also improve your overall health.

Reason 5. Not consuming enough fiber – Fiber is very important for our gut health. The better digestion one has, more weight loss will occur. Eating enough fiber throughout the day can help you significantly in weight loss and fat loss. Fiber is mostly found in vegetables and fruits.

Keeping your gut healthy will reduce bloating and also push you through your fat loss plateau.

Eat a significant amount of vegetables to lose weight. Vegetables also contain many nutrients and minerals that will improve your overall health.

Follow these tips properly if you have stopped losing weight. It will definitely GIVE YOU BETTER RESULTS



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