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Yoga is one of the best ways to lighten your mood and keep depression at bay.

Depression can be overcome with the help of yoga as yoga is a physical exercise that involves different body poses, breathing techniques and meditation which also benefits our body spiritually and enlightens our mind.

Yoga benefits our body from head to toe and helps us in improving focus and attention on how to manage our stress and anxiety level and how to overcome our depression. Yoga poses increases the blood circulation to the brain and enables the production of the mood-elevating hormones.


  1. Helps with anxiety and depression

  2. Improves energy

  3. Helps in concentration

  4. Anger-management

  5. Helps in reducing weight

  6. Increase the flexibility


  1. Depression occurs when the person feels that they our hopeless and thinks they are not worthy enough and feel empty inside and they are not able to tell someone or there is no one trust worthy around them to share their feelings. When these feelings aggravate and become intense, it leads to a medical condition called clinical depression.

People dealing with this problem should try to overcome as soon as they can as later on these neglected feelings affect one’s mental health.

Mental health should be taken very seriously as it is spreading fast and the only cure of taking care of your mental health is to surround yourself with those people who genuinely care for you and those people who literally have your back.


BALASANA (child pose)

Benefits of balasana:

  1. Calm the brain

  2. Helps in relieving stress

  3. Relieves back and neck pain

  4. Eases anxiety

  5. Stimulates digestion and elimination

  6. Promotes blood circulation throughout body

  7. Highly recommended when you are fatigued

HALASANA (plow pose)

Benefits of halasana:

  1. Regulates metabolism

  2. Helps in weight loss

  3. Improves digestion and regulates appetite

  4. Reduce stress and fatigue

  5. Helps to calm the brain

  6. Aids insomnia, headaches

  7. Calms the sympathetic nervous system

  8. Helps in reliving hypertension

BADH KONASANA (bound angle pose)

Benefits of badh kona asana:

  1. Relives mild depression, anxiety and fatigue

  2. Helps in reliving the symptoms of menopause

  3. Soothes menstrual discomfort and sciatica

  4. The consistency of this asana may help in easing the child birth process

  5. It is also therapeutic for flat feet, high blood pressure, asthma

  6. Improves blood circulation

  7. It is believed that this asana destroys disease and gets rid of fatigue


Benefits of mayor pincha asana:

  1. Calms the brain

  2. Relives stress and depression

  3. Strengthen arms and legs

  4. Improves digestion

  5. Prevents osteoporosis

  6. Soothe headaches, insomnia, fatigue and back pain

PARASARITA PADOTTAN ASANA (wide angle standing forward bend)

Benefits of prasarita padottan asana:

  1. Calms jittery nerves and combats fatigue

  2. Improves joint flexibility

  3. Strengthens feet

  4. Improves posture

  5. Provides rest to the heart

UTTANA SHISHOSANA (extended puppy pose)

Benefits of uttana shishosana:

  1. This asana induces sleep and thus helps people with insomnia

  2. Calms the mind

  3. Invigorates the mind

  4. Soothes chronic stress, tension

  5. Stretches spine and shoulder

  6. Strengthens arms, hips and upper back

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